From 06/28/2016 to 07/27/2016


09:14 PM Bug #18 (Resolved): Teamviewer app not working correctly on RK3288/RK3368 Lollipop firmware, miss...
Problem was identified and fixed.
If you want to use Teamviewer, please contact me for the solution.
Redmine Admin
09:13 PM Bug #19 (In Progress): Slow 1080p Youtube Playback with Fullscreen on RK3368
Fix will be tested with next firmware.
Users report it is fixable.
Redmine Admin
09:12 PM Bug #24 (Resolved): Switching to 4K resolution form 720p cause black screen for some users.
Should be resolved now.
If any problems please report with your catlog and dmesg files.
Redmine Admin
09:11 PM Feature #23 (Resolved): App for mirroring support on Lollipop for RK3288/RK3368
Mirror-cast support added on RK3288 & RK3368 firmware now. Redmine Admin
09:10 PM Bug #22 (Resolved): Green/Purple colors on some Samsung, Phillips tv’s with RK3368
Extra menu item added under 'Display' to change color options for tv's that give problems on default color setting. Redmine Admin
09:09 PM Bug #21 (Resolved): SPMC HD Audio support on Rockchip devices - AudioFormat::ENCODING_IEC61937 Re...
Use NTMC from now one.
HD Audio support, 3D, auto-refresh rate switching.
RKMC + SPMC functions merged.
Redmine Admin
09:08 PM Bug #15 (Resolved): Some airmouses like Mele F10 keep repeating keys on RK3288 firmware.
Bug has been solved.
Airmouses function properly now.
Redmine Admin
09:07 PM Bug #13 (Resolved): Some games like Angry Birds 2 have audio problems on RK3368 firmware
Problem is resolved.
Audio plays fine now in games.
Redmine Admin
09:06 PM Bug #11 (Resolved): Can't see text in ES File Explorer - Background color bug, text not readable
Bug has been solved.
ES File Explorer has too many adware and bloat, will from now on use MiXplorer that is faster, ...
Redmine Admin

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