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SPMC HD Audio support on Rockchip devices - AudioFormat::ENCODING_IEC61937 Required in SDK

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Just some information that can help


I have implemented AudioFormat::ENCODING_IEC61937 from the upcoming Android N in SPMC.
If RK implements this encoding (whatever the android version), it should make PT work on RK without libmedia hacks or whatever hack of the day

From Koying"

[droidN] Baseline IEC AC3/DTS/EAC3 Pass-through support commit

SPMC branch

So if Rockchip can add AudioFormat::ENCODING_IEC61937 API code to firmware SDK and force it when selected or used in SPMC, SPMC will work straight out of the box on RK devices with HD Audio pass-through support.
Then the only thing missing is auto refresh rate switching. Maybe find a way to include a global auto refresh rate switching for all Android video player apps in 'Android Settings' and if enabled it also works in SPMC with no code changes in SPMC or very minimum code changes in SPMC.
Try to test 'Mediacodec Surface' video rendering in SPMC and improve it(it already works great) and try to abandon 'RockchipCodec' that is based on older libstagefright technology.
Lots of users also want stable 23.976 fps video playback without stuttering, I hope that can also be improved in the future.

Hope it can help.


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Use NTMC from now one.
HD Audio support, 3D, auto-refresh rate switching.
RKMC + SPMC functions merged.

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